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— Husse Jun 14 2007

Happy new year 2.010 !

Hereos: TV-Show - Comic picten years time
by Gabrielle

What would you fight for?
For what do you stand?
How would you go about it?
And do you have a master plan?
What are your dreams?
And how much for your soul?
Or have you found religion and gone down that road?
I guess we all need something to believe.
Times haven’t changed
That’s how it’s gotta be.

Where you gonna be in ten years time
and will you be happy way you’ve been living your life?
Will you be alright?
Cos when you’re looking back to now on the years gone by
will there be something that you say that you should have done right in your life?

"Get over your self ! be a Hereo. This is the year 2.010! "

Ne prenez pas la vie trop au sèrieux, vous n’en sortirez pas vivant !
— Auteur inconnu

End of the year ‘09

All in all it has been a good year. I’m still here, breathing and laughing, still struggling…
Father could visit twice, Azaliah E., Sarah L. are doing just fine!

Wedding bells are ringing al over the place… the wave hit Eugy & Gerald, Lemi & Clarissa, Mr. P & Ann-C !!

congrats :-) !!


  • heath recovery (Father, self)
  • new opprotunity to reach the finish line
  • encouraging turns of events !
  • promising new developments

wishfull thinking is finally paying off !

Wünsche nie etwas, das der Wände und Vorhänge bedürfe.

— Mark Aurel (römischer Kaiser, 121-180)

Some templates of mine (mini-Portefolio):

In the huge desert that is the Web, just trying to leave a footprint.

Tags: Hobbies webdev

IMB T42 Notebook


ThinkPad T42

Machine Type: 2373, 2374, 2378, 2379


I was lucky enough to get my hands on the good’old, trusty machine.

Tags: workstation

Desktop PC: Celeron 2,6GHz, 1,5GB RAM, 290GB HD

My “trinity” Desktop-PC was turned into a server that oparate in a homeoffice as a LAMP server I manage to set up.

Server Features:

OS: Ubuntu 9.04 Server Ed
Web server: CMS (Typo3 ver. 4.2.8-4.2.10) powered by Mysql 5.1, PHP 5.2.8
File-Server: Samba, ProFTP
WebAdministration: Webmin
Backup/Restore: Bacula
Mail server: (Setup pending)
Security: Firewall, SSH, SELinux, encrypted Partition
OpenVPN (Setup pending)

Willst du friedlich leben? Verkehre mit den Menschen, lebe aber
allein, unternimm nichts und bedauere gar nichts.
— Iwan S. Turgenjew (Gedichte in Prosa)

Typo3 v4.3

- Installed - Setup - Main extension plugged in # Play around with templaVoila !

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